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Newswatch 8.15.07: Facebook shakeup, SEC after Take-2

Zuckerberg shakes things up at Facebook

[VentureBeat] Chief operating officer Owen Van Natta “has gotten a bit of a demotion, in title at least,” according a blog post by Kara Swisher at AllThingsD. Van Natta’s title, Swisher reports, will now be “chief revenue officer and vice president of operations” — he will remain in charge of technical operations and advertising, but other responsibilities will apparently be divided up between some of the newer executive-team hires.

SEC may file charges against Take Two

[News.com] Last week, SEC staff members informed Take-Two that it was planning to recommend to the commissioners that charges be filed in the case and that monetary damages should be sought.

Fox, Times caught scrubbing Wikipedia entries

[News.com] According to the political blog DailyKos, someone at Fox News--as identified by usage of a Fox News IP Address--has "scrubbed" a series of entries having to do with several of the service's personalities, including Brit Hume, Chris Wallace and Bill O'Reilly. At the same time, The Times has allegedly been mucking with the Wikipedia entry on The Wall Street Journal, as well as about Rep. Tom DeLay

LA Times homicide GOOG map

[Mashable] The Homicide Map shows every homicide that the newspaper knows of in the L.A. County. This visual data adds context to the existing Homicide Report, and offers perspective for readers and researchers.

New URI browser flaws worse than thought

[InfoWorld] "It is possible through the URI to actually steal content form the user's machine and upload that content to a remote server of the attacker's choice," said McFetters, a senior security advisor for Ernst & Young Global Ltd. "This is all through functionality that the application provides."

Businesses say no thanks to Vista

[InfoWorld] Forrester says "most" of the 45 IT managers it spoke to this spring are waiting for the release of Vista Service Pack 1 early next year before starting to "seriously consider" upgrading to Vista.

China launches media crackdown

[NYT] China today disclosed a crackdown on “false news reports, unauthorized publications and bogus journalists,” two months before the opening of the politically sensitive Communist Party congress, which is held once every five years. The crackdown, confirmed by the government’s official web site, comes after a television journalist was given a one-year prison sentence and a $130 fine on Sunday for allegedly fabricating a story about Beijing dumpling makers that were said to use cardboard as filler.

Xandros expands MSFT partnership

[InfoWorld] Linux distributor Xandros is licensing messaging protocols from Microsoft as part of an expansion of the partnership the two companies forged in June.