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Newswatch 7.3.07: Apple shares up as profit margin revealed

APPL's 55% profit margins on iPhone makes investors happy

[AP] On Tuesday, the research company iSuppli reported that a tear-down analysis of the iPhone showed its bill of materials and manufacturing costs totaled $265.83. That means Apple would generate a margin of more than 55 percent for every 8 gigabyte iPhone it sold for $599, iSuppli said in a report.

GOOG makes FeedBurner free

[TechCrunch] FeedBurner MyBrand, a service that allows users to control the URL of feeds is now free -- a move that will be strongly welcomed. For many, the biggest argument against using Feedburner was the need to give up control of your feed URL

AllofMP3.com is back

[AP] The music download site that was an obstacle to Russia's bid to join the World Trade Organization has been shut down by Russian authorities, according to the U.S. government. The victory, however, was short lived: The same company behind Allofmp3.com has launched a similar site that resembles the shuttered service, provides the same legal disclaimers and sells songs at a fraction of the price of iTunes.

SAP admits data was taken from Oracle

[NYT] The German software company says an American subsidiary’s actions were “inappropriate” but contests a claim of espionage.

NetSuite files for IPO

[News.com] The company, which hopes to raise $75 million based on its registration filing fee, is currently controlled by Tako Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lawrence Investments that is owned by Larry Ellison, Oracle founder and chief executive.

LG to release YouTube phone

[TechCrunch] Apple received a lot of attention earlier this year when they announced a deal with Google to deliver YouTube video natively onto the iPhone; in comparison the LG deal is far more interesting. Essentially users will be able to record videos on their mobile phones then upload them immediately to YouTube through a streamlined interface.