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Newswatch 7.25.07: Mom sues Universal over takedown notice

Dancing atoms hold promise of superfast computing

[Reuters] Suspended in laser light, thousands of atoms pair up and dance, each moving in perfect counterpoint to its partner.

Mom sues Universal over YouTube takedown

[EFF] Stephanie Lenz's 29-second recording shows her son bouncing along to the Prince song "Let's Go Crazy," which is heard playing in the background. Lenz uploaded the home video to YouTube in February to share it with her family and friends. But last month, YouTube informed Lenz that it had removed the video from its website after Universal claimed that the recording infringed a copyright controlled by the music company.

PC sellers disappointed with Vista

[PCWorld] Acer president Gianfranco Lanci today became the first major PC manufacturer to openly attack Microsoft over the Windows Vista operating system. "The whole industry is disappointed with Windows Vista," he said.

Cisco patches Duke's wireless woes (with are not iPhone-related)

[Computerworld] Cisco Systems Inc. confirmed today that patches for its wireless LAN controllers released Tuesday arose from the investigation of hotspot failures at Duke University that were originally pinned on Apple Inc.'s iPhone. Yesterday, Cisco published a vulnerability alert that outlined multiple bugs in its Wireless LAN Controllers (WLC) that it said "could result in a denial of service (DoS) in certain environments."