09:44 AM

Newswatch 6.7.07: This 'n' that

By Richard Koman

Blogstorm tracks blogs' inbound links

[TechCrunch] It shows basic inbound link stats for blogs based on Yahoo link data. The site also shows how many links more recent posts have generated, and includes several charts. This is a great way for bloggers to see which of their posts are more popular.

Digital sigs get standards nod

[News.com] OASIS standards group ratifies a tamper-proof method for handling electronic timestamps, postmarks or official corporate imprimaturs.

Patent office to test peer review of tech patent apps

[Computerworld] The yearlong project will allow experts in computer technology to send technical references regarding the claims of a patent application before an examiner reviews it.

[Computerworld] A researcher has posted exploit code that attackers can use to hijack Windows machines via Yahoo Inc.'s Messenger instant messaging software.

Dr. Bill Gates at Harvard graduation

[Seattle Post-Intelligencer] Bill Gates has a year left as a full-time Microsoft executive, but his address today at Harvard University's commencement showed how much his thinking has expanded beyond Microsoft and the PC industry. His technological references were part of a broader message about the world's inequities.

MSFT buys data management vendor

[Infoworld] Microsoft has purchased Stratature, a small, privately held data management company and will use the technology to enhance its SQL Server database, Office, and related business software, the company said Thursday.

Significant changes proposed to copyright law

[Business and Technology Law] On May 14, 2007, the office of the U.S. Attorney General transmitted a legislative proposal to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that would represent one of the most significant overhauls of federal copyright law in recent years.