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Newswatch 6.6.07: Amazon to buy Netflix?!

Amazon to buy Netflix?!
[Mashable!] Netflix’s stock has been declining, as it faces competition from Blockbuster, iTunes, Wal-Mart and many other forms of online movie services. Being acquired by Amazon could offer a great boost for Netflix, which could benefit greatly from Amazon’s existing outlets, warehouse and shipping stronghold, and other directives of the company.

Amazon ups China spending
[AP] Amazon.com, the world's biggest online retailer, will raise spending on its money-losing unit in China to bolster sales in the largest Web market behind the United States.

Yahoo courting Facebook again?

[Mashable!] Yahoo has yet to harness an overwhelmingly popular social network to call its own, and this song and dance that Yahoo and Facebook have engaged in may get exciting all over again.
Yahoo is also rumored to have been in talks with Bebo for an acquisition of the successful U.K. social network.

Administration seeks overhaul of patent system

[NYT] The goal is to improve the quality of patents, which should curb the rising wave of patent disputes and lawsuits, the director of the government's patent office said.

Google, Big Ten schools team up to digitize books

[Computerworld] Eleven Midwestern university libraries have agreed to work with Google to create digital versions of up to 10 million books in their collections.

Navajo Nation IT project honored

[Computerworld] The Navajo Nation is building an integrated network so its residents can participate in the Information Age.

Pay to spam

[Wired] Four more ISPs will start charging banks, e-commerce sites and other large e-mail senders for guaranteed delivery.