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Newswatch 6.5.07: iPhone open to third-party devs

Google at odds with the locked-down enterprise

[Infoworld] Google has generally been quiet when it comes to talking about security, and it has kept the team that keeps Google's Web sites secure under wraps.

iPhone will include developers' apps

[Slashdot] In an exciting shift from previous statements, Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed at the D Conference that 3rd-party development will be supported on the iPhone.

Firefox may block sites fingered by GOOG

[Computerworld] Mozilla Corp. may add a tool to the next version of its Firefox browser that would block Web sites identified by Google as potentially harboring malware.

Avvo.com scores the lawyers

[News.com] A venture-capital backed Web site called Avvo.com that launches Tuesday claims to offer a "game-changing" alternative to the Yellow Pages for anyone interested in hiring a lawyer.

Why there's no such thing as Web 2.0

[Marc Andreessen] Proposed: There's no such thing as Web 2.0. — Well, that's not actually true. — Let me back up. — Here's what I think happened. — In the beginning, Web 2.0 was a conference. — As conferences go, a good one — with a great name.

Google teams with SalesForce

[Googlified] Google AdWords partner with Salesforce to form “a strategic global alliance to help millions of businesses leverage the Internet to achieve success.” Their first joint product of this partnership is Salesforce’s Group Edition, which features Google AdWords to “achieve integrated sales and marketing success."

Cities swap public Wi-Fi secrets

[Infoworld] Despite the tribulations of launching a regional wireless Internet network, some cities are making progress by sharing their hard-won lessons.