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Newswatch 6.4.07: iDay: June 29

MSFT strikes deal with Linux distributor

[AP] It will share technology with Linux distributor Xandros Inc., the latest in a string of deals meant to help the patent-protected Windows operating system work more smoothly with open-source programs.

iDay: June 29

[AP] Apple Inc.'s highly anticipated iPhone will be available June 29, according to both TV commercials broadcast Sunday night and a company spokesman.

China bars new net cafes

[AP] China will license no new Internet cafes this year while regulators carry out an industry-wide inspection, the government says, amid official concern that online material is harming young people.

Palm sells off 25%

[NYT] Palm Inc. has reached a deal to sell a quarter of the company to Elevation Partners, a private equity firm, for about $325 million as part of a plan to reorganize the company.

Harvard licensing 50 patents to nanotech startup

[NYT] A deal could transform the little-known Nano-Terra Inc. into one of nanotechnology’s most closely watched start-ups.

Google keeps tweaking its search engine

[NYT] Google’s top minds offer a peek inside the algorithm that provides search results for half a billion users.

Google Reader for Facebook

[Mashable] Now you can get your Google shared items directly on your Facebook profile, which others can see, and read as well.

AdSense coming to Google Maps

[Mashable] Google’s latest feature for Google Maps, called Mapplets, will enable developers to build applications within Google Maps, and add advertisements right into them.

Court tells FCC to go f**k itself

[IP Democracy] The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York struck a major blow for free speech today when it seriously smacked down the FCC’s policy of levying fines against broadcasters for airing “fleeting expletives.”