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Newswatch 6.25.07: YHOO sales chief is out

GOOG asks DOJ to keep an eye on MSFT Desktop

[AP] Google Inc. is pressing for an extension to the U.S. Justice Department's oversight of Microsoft Corp.

Judge has compromise to keep Vonage alive

[AP] A judge suggested a possible compromise in a patent dispute between Internet phone carrier Vonage and Verizon Communications that would allow Vonage to continue signing up new customers while it modifies its technologies.

Internet agency to discuss domain name expansion

[AP] New Internet addresses, including those entirely in foreign languages, are under review by a key oversight agency, although meetings this week in Puerto Rico are likely to conclude with more questions.

GooglePlex expanding in Mountain View

[MediaNews] When the ink dries on a new contract between Google and the city of Mountain View, the search giant will be on its way to an additional 310,000 square feet of office space in the city it calls home.

YHOO sales chief out

[AP] Yahoo Inc. said Sunday that its chief domestic sales officer resigned and that the company will merge its search and display advertising departments in the U.

Yahoo sales chief is out

[WebProNews] The post-Terry Semel era at Yahoo sees a shakeup at the top of its cross-platform, North America sales team, as Wenda Harris Millard moves from the portal company to Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. — Did Millard jump or was she pushed?

Hah. Batelle says his authors should have disclosed

[TechCrunch] More happenings on the sponsored text debate: John Battelle, CEO of FM Publishing, the ad network behind the ads, throw his authors, including us, under a bus today when he writes: … hmm. Disclose? Disclose what?

Defamation lawsuit seeks to unmask anonymous cowards

[The Register] Server logs? what server logs? — They should've known better than to flame law students. — Two female law students at Yale University have filed a lawsuit in a federal district court in Connecticut against an operator …

Macs 'snap-crackle-pop' after 10.4.1

[InfoWorld] Apple's update to Mac OS X 10.4.10 last week is driving some users crazy from a new popping sound. Dubbed "Snap Crackle Pop" on Apple's support forum by the first to note the problem, the noise was irritating enough for one to call it "maddening," while another claimed it "would slowly drive me insane."