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Newswatch 6.14.07: Flashless cameras, MSFT Linspired, Vista mystery image

Mystery image is anti-piracy measure

[Seattle PI] A tiny image of three men embedded in the hologram of the Vista DVD is not an easter egg but an anti-piracy measure, according to Microsoft.

Linspire, MSFT in patent deal

[AP] Microsoft Corp. announced Wednesday that it will license instant messaging and digital media technology to a small desktop Linux distributor, Linspire Inc.

Updating maps on the spot and sharing the fixes
[NYT] TomTom’s new Map Share software combines cartography with community to allow users to update maps on the go.

Second Life adds voice to Live Grid

[Mashable] What is being called the Voice First Look Viewer is available for download to use in the live grid, meaning all users can now have voice options in their Second Life game.

Human-based search engine wants to hire searchers

[Computerworld] A search engine that uses people to find search results has begun taking applications from people who want to be paid for researching search queries. Mahalo hopes to have 10,000 of the most popular search terms in place by year's end.

Colorado federal court allows discovery of anonymous P2P defendants

[Internet Cases] Warner Brothers, UMG and Electra didn't know the names or the locations of the defendants, but only knew that the IP addresses from which the alleged infringement occurred belonged to Qwest Communications. So they asked the court for permission to obtain immediate discovery from Qwest to find out each John Doe defendant's true name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and Media Access Control address.

Joost offers free TV shows but beta lacks juice

[USAToday] Maybe Joost really does represent the future of television. But for now the new, ad-supported Internet TV service feels retro - and thin. Joost lets you watch a variety of full-length TV shows for free on a computer. But there's no live programming at the moment, and the sparse lineup is underwhelming.

Chinese net addict kills mother for money

[Reuters] A teenage boy in southern China, "heavily addicted" to the Internet, killed his mother and severely injured his father with a kitchen knife after he was refused money to go to a cybercafe, state media said on Thursday.

Kodak says sensor can eliminate flash

[Reuters] Eastman Kodak Co. said on Thursday it has developed digital camera technology that nearly eliminates the need for flash photography, part of the company's effort to make money from its deep patent portfolio.