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Newswatch 6.13.07: Green Valley?

Google, Intel seek to save power

[NYT] Google and Intel are leading a consortium of companies in an effort to reduce the amount of power wasted by personal computers.

Analyst downgrades Apple stock, but others don't agree

[Bloomberg] Apple was downgraded to the equivalent of a "hold" rating at ThinkEquity Partners, which said the stock was overvalued due to excessive "hype" over the iPhone.

Former CA exec will pay restitution

[NYT] Stephen Richards will pay more than $29 million in restitution as part of an accounting fraud at the company.

EditGrid gets funded

[StartupSquad] EditGrid, one of the most promising and enterprising startups in the Web20 as well as Office20 space has finally raised Series A funding. The funding round was led by WI Harper.

Dissident YHOO shareholders send message

[NYT] About a third of stockholders voted against the re-election of one or more company directors, heeding the advice of advisory firms.

YT to launch Euro versions?

[Mashable] Based on the upcoming Press Day held by Google in Paris next week, and the place-holder, blank or error status of URLS such as YouTube.de, YouTube.co.uk and YouTube.fr, there is much speculation going around that Google will be launching YouTube sites on a more global scale.

Slacker offers more control over net radio

[Mashable] With the Slacker Station Creator, adding fifteen or more artists to your station will allow you to listen to tracks by only the artists you’ve chosen. You can also filter your search results according to the popularity of tracks played.

Facebook sold 10% of shares?

[Mashable] There’s a big rumor going around that Facebook had to sell 10% of its shares in order to pay for enough hardware to handle the rapid increase of users in the last year.

WinSafari slower than IE, Firefox

[Wired] Apple CEO Steve Jobs touted Safari 3's speed as one of its most appealing features. But in tests by Wired News, the first public beta of Safari for Windows is actually slower than both Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2 when accessing Ajax-intensive web applications.