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Newswatch 6.13.07: Facebook code leaked, MSFT makes $6b buy

Facebook code published online

[Guardian] The company blamed the leaked code on a "bug" that meant that it was published accidentally, and said users should not be concerned. Facebook's spokeswoman, Brandee Barker, said: "It was not a security breach and did not compromise user data in any way."

MSFT closes $6b acquisition of aQuantive"

[TopTechNews] The move instantly gives Microsoft access to several online advertising businesses, including advertising campaigns and Web site development with Avenue A/Razorfish, tools for publishers and advertisers to track campaigns and demographics with Atlas Media Console, as well as an advertising network called Drive Performance Media.

Users cut back on web communications

[Computerworld] Internet users spend almost half their time online reading and watching content, dwarfing the time spent searching for information, communicating with others and buying products, according to a four-year analysis of Internet activity released Monday. The new study from the Online Publishers Association (OPA) found that the time Internet users spend viewing online content is up 37% from four years ago.

Qualcomm lawyer resigns

[Reuters] The resignation comes the day before the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California starts a hearing on a Broadcom request for an injunction against Qualcomm related to three patents that the court ruled Qualcomm had infringed. The judge on Friday tentatively doubled Broadcom's $19.64 million damages awarded against Qualcomm in May for the patent infringement.

Oops! MSFT says it gave FCC defective device

[AP] Representatives for Microsoft and other technology companies met with FCC engineers last week and determined the device "was working improperly and an internal component was broken,"

Heavy.com creates a video ad network

[Mashable] Entitled the Husky Network, site publishers can now wrap videos in an advertisement skin, which will reportedly get you a higher click-through rate. It will work with embedded YouTube and Revver videos, and most other video players as well.

SCO bites the dust

[TopTechNews] For four and a half years, SCO has vehemently claimed that it owns the copyrights to Unix. SCO implicated Linux by alleging the free operating system relies on code stolen from Unix. But a Utah judge has ruled against SCO, deciding that SCO does not own the copyrights to Unix, making the Linux allegation moot in this case.

Tesla founder steps down as CEO

[News.com] Michael Marks, the former CEO of contract manufacturer Flextronics, has stepped in to become the interim chief executive of electric sports car company Tesla Motors. Founder and current CEO Martin Eberhard will become president of technology.