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Newswatch 5.29.07: Facebook uber MySpace?

FTC investigating Google/DoubleClick merger

[AP] The review of the deal was widely expected after Mountain View-based Google announced plans last month to acquire DoubleClick. Google lawyer: the acquisition "poses no risk to competition and should be approved."

Google launches streetside view in Maps

[O'Reilly Radar]: This morning Google gave their 2D maps an incredible realworld addition. Its a street-view, that in certain cities, will let you get a street side view of the area you are currently in. This is not just a static, A9-style image.

Silicon Valley wide-eyed over a bride

[NYT] After Google invests in Sergey's new wife's genetics company, Schmidt declined to comment about 23andMe’s business or its future products, but he said that the company had instituted an array of checks and balances to ensure objectivity, including the recusal of Mr. Brin from any discussions. “That was all done by the book beyond belief,” Mr. Schmidt said.

GOOG acquires anti-virus co. GreenBorder

[TechCrunch] The purchase may indicate a renewed focus by Google on desktop applications. GreenBorder provides an anti-virus platform that combined with Google Desktop would deliver a more compelling download and strength Google’s position as a desktop applications competitor to Microsoft.

La-La offers free, on-demand music streaming

[TechCrunch] Unlike Internet radio, which is covered by the DMCA and which has rates set by regulation, there are no laws to cover on demand streaming. LaLa must negotiate directly with the big labels. Our understanding is that the labels will also only negotiate one year deals, and if they see any profit on the table at the end of the term they will grab for more.

MySpace: The next prodigy?

[Redeye VC] By providing a clear roadmap – and business opportunity – for the widget makers, Facebook has just increased it’s virtual R&D budget by over $250 million dollars. By welcoming third-party innovation, Facebook will reap the benefit of hundreds of millions of dollars of venture investment – and the Facebook user will have a much richer experience. I'd wager that every widget maker who has previously relied on Myspace for traffic is hard at work this holiday weekend on migrating their application to support the Facebook API.

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