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Newswatch 5.25.07: Facebook ready to take on MySpace

Facebook opens platform with 85 third-party apps

[Mercury News] Analyst: "The difference between small social networks and big ones that have staying power is the ability for people to customize them. That's why this is an important announcement. The only limit on their growth now is the creativity of the people who build on it."

Euro data protection chief backs Google

[Infoworld] Data protection officials from 27 European countries have warned Google it is storing data on people's searches for too long -- but Europe's top privacy guardian, the European Data Protection Supervisor Peter Hustinx, believes Google's efforts to respect the privacy of European citizens in its Internet search software "is not just window dressing."

Online ad spending gears up for video

[Paul Kedrosky] Digital marketing agency: "The agency of the future will be half a software company and half an entertainment company because that's the new landscape."

Lonelygirl15 creators create branded spinoff for UK

[Reuters] Giving advertisers "the chance to pitch their products such as clothing or mobile phones at a younger audience who have moved in recent years from traditional media to the Internet."

Google/FeedBurner deal confirmed

[TechCrunch] Rumors about Google acquiring RSS management company Feedburner are accurate and are now confirmed, according to a source close to the deal.

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