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Newswatch 5.23.07: Apple hot and bothered by iGasm

Apple pissed over iGasm

[MacWorld]Ann Summers marketing device that combines iPod and vibrator - complete with knock-off ad campaign

The man who owns the Internet

[USA Today] How Kevin Ham built a $300 million empire from domain names

Ubuntu founder: Microsoft is our patent pal

[InfoWorld] Trolls like Nathan Myhrvold, not MSFT, are open source's true enemies

Jangl Tailors VOIP for Social Networks

[TechCrunch] Social networking types get free long-distance with privacy

Amazon acquires Brilliant Audio

[CNET] With its own audio publisher, Amazon strengthens ties to content

Weinberger's new book: Everything is miscellaneous

[Excerpt] "We're adding massive amounts of metadata -- tags, links, playlists, even taxonomies -- to all of the resources available on the web without prior planning and coordination, making a huge mess. But, that mess actually enhances the available ways we can find and make sense of what's available to us. All that unplanned metadata lets us pull pieces together, and then it helps us contextualize and understand those pieces."

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