21:00 PM

Newswatch 4.4.08: iTunes is No. 1

iTunes is No. 1. For the first time, a seller of online music has surpassed any seller of plastic CDs. Apple's iTunes store passed Wal-Mart for the first time. Rolling Stone reporter: "People have long talked about the shift to digital music sales but this seems to be a symbol it is actually happening." (Reuters)

GOOG raised its own bids in auction. GOOG blog includes this revelation: "In fact, in ten of the bidding rounds we actually raised our own bid -- even though no one was bidding against us -- to ensure aggressive bidding on the C Block. In turn, that helped increase the revenues raised for the U.S. Treasury, while making sure that the openness conditions would be applied to the ultimate licensee."

Mortgage crisis? Don't tell Zillow. You enter your finances but not your contact information. You get offers based on the numbers and make the call, not vice versa, as with Lending Tree. That's a good thing. (VentureBeat)

UK ISP to labels: Take a hike. British ISP Talk Talk says it's not its job to police networks for illegal content, despite the please of the recording industry. (BBC)