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Newswatch 4.3.08: MySpace Music: DRM-free with streaming

MySpace Music: Free streaming, no DRM, plus ringtones and concert ticket sales. That's Rupert Murdoch's idea of a music service. Interestingly, EMI is the only major not to come on board – and EMI recently hired away Douglas Merrill as CIO of Google. What's the connection? (News.com)

Emerging markets said no to OOXML. While many are asserting that Microsoft backroom dealing turned European no votes into yes votes on the election of OOXML as an ISO standard, developing nations held firm against. Gartner analyst: "These are areas where open source has more strength and more advocates." Compare the population of Brazil, India and China to Europe (728m). (InfoWeek)

Ask your phone a question. YHOO's OneSearch 2.0 features an open API so phones will bring up results from any sites that support OneSearch when users say a question or term. Previously, only results from Yahoo partners came up. Call it more de-Semelization of YHOO.

XP stays alive. Recognizing the growth in ultra-low-cost PC sales, MSFT continue licensing Windows XP to OEMs for that class of machines. There's no way Vista will work on those machines and without XP, many manufacturers might have chosen Linux instead. Considering the latest version of Ubuntu proved rock-hard while Vista fell in two days in a recent "hack the OS" contest, that might not be a bad choice. (News.com)

Fast Times in Twin Cities. Comcast has rolled out high-speed cable Internet in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Garrison Keilor can afford it but maybe not that many other people – it's $150 a month. But you get really fast Internet – 50Mbps and eventually as much as 160Mbps. Does that mean Comcast can stop stomping on P2P at least in the Twin Cities? Not until the new network management procedures are implemented – and even then ...