23:31 PM

Newswatch 3.31.08: 3G iPhone this summer!

3G iPhone in June!? Bank of America says Apple will have a 3G iPhone out in June. Analyst Scott Craig calls for 3m phones in production in May, with 8 million coming in Q3. That coincides with the release date of iPhone's 2.0 software. (Reuters)

Another tedious vertical from Yahoo. As if women needed another magazine, here's Shine from Yahoo. It looks good. Better than these Yahoo verticals used to look. The lead "story" on Kate Bosworth is even a video, not a story. But for a company that has snapped up a lot of Web 2.0 companies, well this is pretty old-school Yahoo.

Adobe gets religion. Long comfy in its proprietary perch, Adobe finally has reason to sidle up to open source folks and has joined the Linux Founation. Under CTO Kevin Lynch (you will recall he came from Macromedia), Adobe has open sourced an SDK for Flex and BlazeDS. Adobe's also working on a Linux version of Air. (InfoWeek)

Most secure OS? It ain't your Mac In a contest to hack into three different operating systems, hackers at CanSecWest exploited Apple's Safari to compromise the system in two minutes. It took whole days to break through a PC running Vista SP1 (weak link: Adobe Flash). The hackers couldn't break through a Sony Vaio running Ubuntu 7.10, though. (Desktop Linux)

Memory in a flash. After some severe delays, Intel has moved forward with Europe's ST Microelectronics to create Numonyx (sounds like a new sleeping pill?) -- a new company that will manufacture NOR and NAND flash memory. Intel owns 45.1%, ST 48.6% and investment firm Francisco Partners 6.3%. AP)