16:00 PM

Newswatch 3.26.08: Social network scrabble

Yahoo joins OpenSocial. MySpace SVP: "Yahoo is an important addition to the OpenSocial movement, and through this foundation we will work together to provide developers with the tools to make the Internet move faster and to foster more innovation and creativity." (Wired)

Surprise! Broadcasters hate white space. NAB's Dennis Wharton: Google fails to show devices won't interfere with digital broadcasts. (CRN)

11 freaking hours? Netflix's site and logistics computers went down for a whopping 11 hours yesterday. The outage started at 7 am and lasted until 6. It took down distribution centers as well, so movies will be delayed a day or two. Customers are wondering if Netflix is getting too big for its own good. Wired)

And now a service pack people really care about ... MSFT is getting closer to releasing SP3 for Windows XP. It released Release Candidate 2 "Refresh" on Tuesday, a second crack at the RC2 first released in February. The final release will happen in the first half of 08, is all MSFT will say.

Paris exposed ... Facebook privacy controls fail a test. A computer tech was able to pull up supposedly access-controlled photos, like one of Paris Hilton at the Emmy Awards, despite Facebook's privacy controls. Facebook said he had exposed a bug that was fixed immediately.