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Newswatch 3.12.08: Hackers crack iPhone SDK

Hackers jailbreak iPhone 2.0

[Wired] The iPhone Dev Team said yesterday (thanks, Gizmodo) it has figured out a way to hack into the iPhone's bootloader by taking advantage of the way the iPhone authorizes code that can be written to memory

TiVO, YouTube deal to deliver web vid to TV

[NYT] “TiVo’s strategy is to bridge the gap between Web video and television and make as much content available as possible for our subscribers,” said Tara Maitra.

Japan says iPods spark up

[InfoWeek] Japanese government officials are investigating a possible defect that caused an Apple iPod to shoot out sparks while it was being recharged, it was reported Wednesday.

Hulu goes live

[Reuters] At launch, Hulu will offer full-length episodes of more than 250 TV series, from current hits such as The Simpsons to older shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It also will offer 100 movies, including The Big Lebowski and Mulholland Drive.

Our rapidly expanding digital universe

[WSJ] as consumers and companies create more emails, legal documents, photos and videos, the digital universe is growing at 60% a year. The study was commissioned by storage company EMC, so take the results with the appropriate grain of salt.

Excel security hole

[PCW] This Trojan is circulating through email messages that contain attached Excel files," US-CERT said in an advisory. "Known file names for these attachments are OLYMPIC.XLS and SCHEDULE.XLS. These files may also contain Windows binary executables that can compromise an affected system."

MSFT submits IE7 for antitrust review

[PCW] Microsoft has submitted the follow-up to Windows Vista to the committee that oversees its U.S. antitrust compliance, to ensure the operating system is meeting the terms of the company's agreement with the government.

YouTube hit OK Go stumps for NN

[ZDNet] “If people wonder whether the music industry will benefit from Net Neutrality they can look no further than us,” said OK Go’s lead singer and guitarist Damian Kulash in testimony today before the House Judiciary Committee.