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Newswatch 2.29.08: Judge reverses Wikileaks decision

Judge reverses ruling in Wikileaks case
[Reuters] "There are serious questions of prior restraint and possible violations of the First Amendment," U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White ruled from the bench in his San Francisco courtroom.

Vista price cuts show how badly MSFT needs YHOO

[NYT] One look at Microsoft’s high profit margins certainly raises questions about how long this business model can continue before someone creates a more efficient model. The combination of the open source movement, the Web, and the advertising-supported software model epitomized by Google are starting to have the long-predicted effect.

eBay, MercExchange settle feud

[BetaNews] As part of the agreement, eBay will purchase from MercExchange three patents which cover search, online auction, and fixed price sales.Terms of the deal were not disclosed. "We're pleased to have been able to reach a settlement with MercExchange," eBay general counsel Mike Jacobson said in a statement.

Chinese, Indian buyers send phone sales soaring

[News.com] "Emerging markets, especially China and India, provided much of the growth as many people bought their first phone," Carolina Milanesi, research director for mobile devices at Gartner, said in a statement. "In mature markets, such as Japan and Western Europe, consumers' appetite for feature-laden phones was met with new models packed with TV tuners, global positioning satellite (GPS) functions, touch screens and high-resolution cameras."

Google's war on IT

[ReadWriteWeb] Google is actually going about marketing to the enterprise market in a pretty ingenious way - they're not. Instead, they're bypassing the IT department (who would, in all honesty, probably laugh at the thought) and marketing their suite on the sly directly to the employees themselves: "Are the tools provided by your IT department too unwieldy to use? Is IT to slow to respond to your needs? Then forget IT and use Google Apps instead!"

AAPL fighting RIM for biz market

[CNN] The phrase "new enterprise features" in a recent Apple iPhone-related event invite was all it took for some to anoint the iPhone as the next big challenge for Research In Motion Ltd. (RIMM), the world's leading supplier of smartphones.