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Newswatch 2.27.07: Big guns step in for Wikileaks

ACLU, EFF step in on Wikileaks case

[News.com] Wikileaks is receiving some independent legal support from free speech groups, including Public Citizen, the California First Amendment Coalition, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Project on Government Oversight, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They--and some media organizations also expected to file a brief--are asking to intervene on Wikileaks' behalf.

iPhone SDK coming next week?

[TechCrunch] It’s not clear whether the SDK will actually be released on that date, or whether it will just be detailed. In either case, Apple has failed to fulfill its promise to release the SDK this February as anticipated. The event will be invite-only and will take place at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, March 6 at 10am.

Windows Server launches

[News.com] "I'm not here to write new code, to design new apps," Tom Brokaw told the crowd at the tony Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles. Instead, Brokaw spoke for several minutes on the radical transformation of society being brought about by technology.

EU fines MSFT $1.35b

[AP] The European Union's longest-running fight with Microsoft Corp. neared an end Wednesday as regulators imposed a record $1.3 billion fine on the world's largest software company for failing to fully comply with a 2004 antitrust order.

About.com CEO to leave

[PaidContent] Scott Meyer, the CEO of About.com, part of New York Times Company (NYSE: NYT), is leaving by next week, our sources say, and has been confirmed by the company. His last day will be Thursday next week. No replacement is being named now.

YHOO fails to impress at IAB

[Battelle] It's clear they are beginning to roll out a strategy, but, well, it's not clear to me what the big vision is. I see parts of it - boil the all-in-one advertising platform ocean, make Yahoo more open, create exchanges between publishers and advertisers - but I can't see the whole dern thing. And from the buzz at the IAB conference after Jerry and Sue's presentation yesterday, I ain't the only one.

Here come the YHOO shareholder suits

[WaPo] Five of the suits allege Yahoo's board breached its duty by spurning Microsoft without trying to negotiate a better deal, according to the annual report. The two other suits allege Yahoo unfairly favored Microsoft's "inadequate" bid even though the board eventually turned down the original cash-and-stock offer of $31 per share.