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Newswatch 12.6.07: Supercomputer on a chip

Dell selling PCs at Best Buy

[InfoWeek] Dell said its XPS and Inspiron brands of computers would be available in the next few weeks at Best Buy stores, which means the products won't be available for the holiday shopping season, the more lucrative time of the year for retailers. Nevertheless, striking a deal with Best Buy is good in the longer term, because the retailer's customer base will complement those of Staples and Wal-Mart Stores, which already carry Dell products.

In-flight email on JetBlue

[USA Today] JetBlue's service will start small: just one Airbus A320. But the airline plans to roll it out to the rest of its fleet on an undetermined schedule. As owner of the wireless spectrum on which the system operates, JetBlue also plans to sell the service to competitors.

IBM says research will produce supercomputer on chip

[Reuters] IBM says it has made a breakthrough in converting electrical signals into light pulses that brings closer the day when supercomputing, which now requires huge machines, will be done on a single chip.

MSFT porting XP for OLPC XO

[ZDNet] “We want Windows to run on the XO and we are investing significant energy and talent,” Mr. Utzschneider said. Still, he said the Windows XO machine will have to pass muster before Microsoft supports it for volume use. “We really want to make sure we have a quality experience before we make commitment to governments.”

AT&T: the open network?

[News.com] it's just an exercise in marketing and public relations, and not a substantial shift in policy. And really, any claim by AT&T that "we are the most open wireless company in the industry," as de la Vega said, is kind of silly considering that you're not authorized to use an iPhone on any other network in the U.S., even if you pay to terminate your two-year contract.

Weirdo mom in MySpace suicide being cyberbullied

[Fox] On Dec. 3, a blog entitled "Megan Had It Coming" carried an entry signed by Lori Drew, the woman involved in creating the fictitious profile that taunted Meier. The blog entry appeared on the same day St. Charles County Prosecutor Jack Banas announced there wasn't enough evidence to charge anyone.