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Newswatch 12.17.07: Ribbit is Phone 2.0

Ribbit offers Phone 2.0

[NYT] This isn’t just a widget for talking to your friends, like Skype and its many “Voice 2.0” imitators. Rather, Ribbit is offering a full telephone switchboard on its server, connected both to the Internet and to the public-switched telephone network. That makes it possible for developers ranging from companies offering customer-relationship management services, to online shopping web sites to add a phone feature by just embedding Adobe Flash into a website.

Sony to rise in 2008 game HW sales

[ScreenDigest] . Whereas in 2007 Nintendo has succeeded in expanding the appeal of the Wii to different consumers, including more females and older consumers to drive adoption, Sony's pipeline of exclusive content and the launch of multi-media services may result in a significant uplift for the PlayStation 3 in 2008.

Get your Wii - in January

[Reuters] Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime told a telephone news conference that shoppers who pay the full price of about $249 for an out-of-stock Wii on December 20 and 21 at retailer GameStop Corp will get a certificate promising a Wii "sometime in January."

Everyone Googles themselves

[SFChron] About half of the online adult population has looked up themselves or someone else online, according to a survey released Sunday. A good 36 percent said they have searched the Web for someone with whom they've lost touch, and 9 percent have dug up information on someone they were dating.

Facebook sues porn site over spidering

[PCW] Facebook alleges that in June servers controlled by the defendants used automated scripts to make more than 200,000 requests for personal information stored on Facebook's site.

AMZN opens its cloud for testing

[News.com] The new Web service joins two others the online retailer launched in 2006 that anyone can pay to use: computing horsepower called the Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and data storage called Simple Storage Service (S3). SimpleDB works in conjunction with those services, letting customers store, modify, and query data, the company said Friday.