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Newswatch 12.14.07: FTC chief won't recuse in Google merger

FTC head won't recuse herself

[News.com] FTC Chairman Deborah Platt Majoras said Friday that she will not recuse herself from hearing the Google-DoubleClick merger case, arguing that the fact her husband's law firm is representing DoubleClick doesn't merit her recusal.

Google knol no Wiki killer

[BizWeek] Today, Google’s new tool called “knol,” which will give people a way to write “authoritative” articles about a particular subject, is supposed to kill Wikipedia. Let’s put aside the fact that almost no Google product besides search has ever killed anything.

MSFT fires back at Opera

[Newsfactor] "We believe the inclusion of the (IE) browser into the operating system benefits consumers, and that consumers and PC manufacturers are already free to choose to use any browsers they wish," Microsoft said in a statement.

Early release for MSFT hypervisor

[PCW] Microsoft Thursday did something it rarely does. The company released a beta for a long-awaited technology -- in this case its Windows Server 2008 virtualization technology Hyper-V -- ahead of schedule.

SecondLife CTO is out

[InfoWeek] "It has been an absolute thrill working with all of you on Second Life," according to the e-mail attributed to Ondrejka. "When Philip looked across a rickety card table in November of 2000 and told me that we would do more than build a great product, we needed to build a great company, too, I knew it would be a wild ride."

Cisco pushes Web 2.0

[InfoWeek] Outlining their plan to move from supplying "plumbing and transport" to being a provider of a variety of services and applications in the "second phase of the Internet," top Cisco (NSDQ: CSCO) executives Tuesday said that collaboration and Web 2.0 technologies will transform the way people work and live -- and boost Cisco's bottom line -- in coming years.

Gateway CEO quits

[NYT] Gateway CEO Ed Coleman will resign from his position at the end of January, clearing the way for Acer's top executive in the Americas to take the helm, the Taiwanese company said Friday.