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Newswatch 12.13.07: Facebook takes platform Web-wide

iPhone, Chinese users hack targets in 08

[GameShout] The Arbor report states that the assaults will likely be "drive-by" attacks where malware embedded into seeming harmless information such as images or other media will perform dangerous actions when rendered on the iPhone web browser.

Opera sues MSFT for antitrust

[PCW] The complaint, which was filed with the European Commission on Wednesday, says Microsoft is abusing its dominant position in the desktop PC market by offering only Internet Explorer as a standard part of Windows, and hindering interoperability by not following accepted standards with IE.

Facebook to license its platform

[CompWorld] In a direct shot across the bow of Google Inc. and its OpenSocial project, Facebook Thursday announced plans to allow other social networks to license its technology so that Facebook applications can run on those sites. A day earlier. Bebo, a social network that rivals MySpace and Facebook in terms of popularity in some parts of the world, announced that it will be the first social network to license Facebook's standards so that developers can extend Facebook's applications to Bebo.

Barton lashes out at Google

[News.com] Barton said in his letter on Wednesday, "all efforts to reach a mutually agreeable time have been rebuffed, and it begins to seem that no date for a visit is sufficiently convenient to Google. Your warm initial invitation followed by Google's chilly response to a proposed visit by Committee counsels is disconcerting."

MSFT buys European mapping company

[Reuters] "This acquisition will play a significant role in the future growth of our search business and presents a huge opportunity to expand our platform business beyond the U.K. and globally," said Sharon Baylay, general manager of the Online Services Group at Microsoft.

Privacy groups want FTC head to recuse

[Reuters] Two privacy groups asked the Federal Trade Commission chairman on Wednesday to recuse herself from considering Google Inc's (GOOG.O: Quote, Profile, Research) purchase of DoubleClick because of her ties to a law firm hired by the smaller firm.