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Newswatch 12.10.07: AMD suffers slowdowns

Universal signs with imeem

[InfoWeek] The companies announce an agreement Monday that completes deals between all four major music companies and imeem, which compensates labels and artists by sharing ad revenue. The arrangement is a new model for the music industry, which has been struggling to increase profits as the distribution of music changes radically because of the Internet.

MSFT preview online Office service

[InfoWeek] Office Live Workspace is still a humble beginning for the online functionality that will likely find itself imbedded into the fabric of Office itself in the future. It's not a full, online suite of Office applications, but rather a set of collaborative tools meant to work with the Office client apps.

AMD's Barcelona woes continue

[Wired] After the new quad-core processor's launch was delayed half a year due to what company CEO Hector Ruiz called "technical problems," widespread shipments have now hit another production snag on account of a technical glitch known in the processor industry as an erratum.

Free software v. Verizon

[Ars] The SFLC has sued the telecom giant on behalf of the developers of BusyBox, a set of Unix utilities typically used in embedded systems. One of the devices it's found in is the Actiontec MI424WR wireless router, which Verizon distributes to its FiOS customers.

T-Mobile launches Wi-Fi phone

[CrunchGear] The Samsung Katalyst (SGH-t739), a slim slider from T-Mobile that supports My Faves and HotSpot @Home. While you probably won’t feel like the coolest kid on the block with this WiFi-enabled phone, you can make calls over WiFi and it’s technically a world phone even without the WiFi capabilities.

IBM, partners push to 32nm process

[EETimes] IBM and its joint-development partners have announced that their "high-k/metal gate" technology in next-generation 32nm devices will be available to IBM alliance members and their clients in the second half of 2009.