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Newswatch 11.8.07: YHOO's China troubles

AMD applies graphics techniques to new CPU

[Reuters] Advanced Micro Devices Inc launched a new graphics chip on Thursday modified to crunch huge amounts of data, with potential customers in financial, engineering and scientific industries.

Yahoo's China problem not going away

[Newsfactor] After Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang and general counsel Michael Callahan appeared before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) called on Yahoo to endorse his Global Online Freedom bill, which would ban Internet companies from disclosing to foreign governments information identifying specific users.

AT&T whistleblower lobbies against immunity

[Wired] Mark Klein traveled to the nation's marble halls of power Wednesday, hoping to persuade lawmakers not to crush the lawsuit against AT&T that is largely based on his allegations that his former employer wiretapped the internet on behalf of the government.

Carriers wary about Android

[CSM] "The telcos have fought any opening up of their walled garden because it goes against their survival instinct," says Craig Settles, an industry consultant in Oakland, Calif. "But Google has the muscle to make this work."

Apple hit with another antitrust suit

[ZDNet] Apple tried to lock the latest generation iPods to iTunes even if this meant upsetting iPod-owning Linux users. Formats that the iPod can play are also locked down tight. Want it to play WMAs? Forget about it. Want new firmware for the iPod? Guess what, you need iTunes installed. There no doubt in my mind that the iPod/iTunes link is monopolistic, it’s just that people don’t seem to care.

RedHat teams up with Amazon

[InfoWeek] RedHat announced a partnership with Amazon.com Wednesday to offer its latest Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 as a beta service through Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud. The online Amazon service supplies an expandable, on-call computer resources to users who seek to scale up their applications without building out their data center.

IBM gives autonomic computing a brain

[IDG] To keep up with growing complexities of data center maintenance, IBM on Thursday announced a new set of self-management tools that can reduce the cost and manpower needed to run data centers.