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Newswatch 11.7.07: MSFT dumps CIO

MSFT fires its CIO

[DailyTech] Stating merely that Stuart Scott violated company policies, Microsoft fires a top leader from a critical position. It's not the first time. In years past, two other top execs have disappeared without a trace.

Waiting for Facebook's other shoe to drop

[NYT] The most important bit of news at Facebook’s press conference yesterday was what they didn’t say out loud: Once the company gets the bugs out of its system for social ads on its own site, it will likely create a network to use its data to display advertising on other sites.

Get your Google Maps at the pump

[AP] The pumps, made by Gilbarco Veeder-Root, include an Internet connection and will display Google's mapping service in color on a small screen. Motorists will be able to scroll through several categories to find local landmarks, hotels, restaurants and hospitals selected by the gas station's owner.

'Essential' server software goes beta

[PCW] Microsoft will release a public beta version of a bundle of server software products for medium-size businesses, code-named "Centro," in the first half of next year.
Centro is intended to make it simpler for businesses with limited IT management resources to install and control key software tools. The bundle will go on sale in the second half of next year as Windows Essential Business Server,

Red Hat, Sun deal shows power of open source

[ZDNet] “Sun and Red Hat may not be the best of buddies but, even on their worst days, they have far more common interests with each other than with Microsoft,” pointed out analyst Gordon Haff of illuminata. “Certainly both companies can agree that they’d rather see Java win than .Net.”

Imagine a PC without waiting

[Wired] There's absolutely no reason you should be waiting the three-plus minutes it takes your computer to boot up Windows, says Woody Hobbs, CEO of Phoenix Technologies. And indeed, if Hobbs has his way, you may not have to endure those waits much longer.

Will Ubuntu push Linux onto desktop?

[Ars] Linux is now an appealing choice for many users who would never have considered making the switch a few years ago. Distributions have improved at an astounding pace, and Ubuntu leads the pack on the desktop. Ubuntu 7.10 provides an effective and usable Linux platform that has a lot to offer a more mainstream audience as well as Linux enthusiasts.