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Newswatch 11.5.07: GOOG phone is here and it's a platform

Forget gPhone, GOOG unveils Android

[News.com] "Today's announcement is more ambitious than any single 'Google Phone' that the press has been speculating about over the past few weeks," Google CEO Eric Schmidt said in a statement. "Our vision is that the powerful platform we're unveiling will power thousands of different phone models."

Cuban: Facebook should license API

[Blog Maverick] I called a buddy at Yahoo and suggested that they license the Facebook API. I happen to think that far better search and ad serving solutions can be developed around a combination of user published information and user activity It just seems to me that if Facebook were to give me an option of publishing a laundry list of relevant information about myself to external Facebook API applications, such as search and ad serving networks that those applications would serve me better results.

Yahoo kickstarts career networking for college kids

[Wired] The network, called Kickstart, is specifically geared towards connecting college students with alumni for networking. We'll be honest -- it's not Mash, the full-blown social network we were hoping for. But if positioned properly, Kickstart could be one of the better professional networking sites out there. . .er, for college students at least.

Phoenix HyperSpace: apps sans the OS

[PCW] Notebooks designed to run the software could offer instant-on functions including multimedia playback, e-mail, instant messaging, Web browsing or remote system maintenance, all without the need to boot into an operating system such as Windows.

CSU students hacked system to change grades

[CompWorld] John Escalera, 29, of Fresno, Calif., and Gustavo Razo Jr., 28, of Pasadena, Calif., were charged with multiple counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, identity theft and unauthorized computer access, according to an indictment unsealed last Wednesday. The men face up to 20 years in prison and fines of up to $250,000 if convicted. ... If only they had studied as hard as they hacked...

Yahoo lawyer apologizes for false statements to Congress

[Chronicle] Michael Callahan, the Sunnyvale Web portal's general counsel, initially testified to House panels last year that Yahoo gave information about one of its users to Chinese law enforcement without knowing the nature of their probe. In fact, he realized months later that Yahoo had details about the investigation, but that he neglected to pass them along to lawmakers.