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Newswatch 11.21.07: Protest grows over Facebook ads

MoveOn slams Facebook's Beacon ad program

[Newsfactor] MoveOn has started a Facebook group for its petition to make Facebook's controversial advertising program into an opt-in system. "Facebook must respect my privacy," the petition states. "They should not tell my friends what I buy on other sites -- or let companies use my name to endorse their products -- without my explicit permission."

Despite Spider, AMD shares hit new low

[TheStreet] American Technology Research analyst Doug Freedman said chip companies carrying large loads of debt on their books are particularly suffering in the current environment. With the credit market tightening, there are concerns about the ability of highly leveraged companies to weather a downturn in the economy, Freedman explained.

Is Voyager cool enough to compete with iPhone

[Forbes] Search the Internet for information about the LG Voyager, a hotly anticipated cell phone that's widely viewed as Verizon Communications' response to the iPhone, and you'll find hundreds of thousands of stories and blog posts--and one rap video.

YHOO, BMG deal allows music mashups

[News.com] Yahoo announced on Tuesday that it has expanded its partnership with music mega-label Sony BMG to bring the company's music videos to its Yahoo Video platform.

T-Mobile offers contract-free iPhone

[AP] Deutsche Telekom AG's mobile unit said Wednesday it would offer Apple's iPhone without a contract to comply with a court injunction, but consumers that opt out of a two-year contract will pay more than twice as much for it. T-Mobile will start selling the combination smart phone-iPod media player for 999 euros ($1,477) instead of 399 euros ($590) with a two-year contract.

Brown apologizes for data blunder

[Guardian] The government has apologised to the country for the loss of two CDs containing the personal information of 25 million people. Gordon Brown, the prime minister, today faced down loud barracking and made an official apology for the loss of the discs. The CDs are still missing.