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Newswatch 11.2.07: MySpace joins GOOG's OpenSocial

Groups petition FCC to stop Comcast delays

[Newsfactor] Free Press and Public Knowledge have called on the FCC to take action against Comcast to prevent Comcast from blocking or filtering peer-to-peer network traffic. Of particular concern is Comcast reportedly doing this by sending reset packets that appeared to be coming from the users themselves. Essentially, Comcast was impersonating users.

MySpace joins OpenSocial

[Newsfactor] With MySpace's partnership in OpenSocial, Google has transformed the social-networking landscape, several observers said. "This is very important because it could shift the social-networking power eventually to this OpenSocial consortium and allow this group to redefine what social networking will be in the future," said analyst Tim Bajarin.

Apps in the works for OpenSocial

[CompWorld] Plaxo, for example, Friday unveiled new dynamic profiles that support Google's new OpenSocial APIs. Users of Plaxo's Pulse social network can now create distinct professional and personal profiles that include photos, contact information and privacy settings. Any applications written to the Google OpenSocial APIs can be embedded in the profiles, Plaxo said.

Mac porn virus overhyped

[Balto Sun] I’m not saying the Trojan, called OSX.RSPlug.A, poses no threat. It’s real and it’s out there. But it’s not spreading like wildfire. A Mac user needs to do a lot of dumb things to get infected.

Sub-$300 laptop? Wow.

[PCW] Wal-Mart offers laptops from Everex running Ubuntu, one-click access to Google Docs, Facebook

IP firm Wi-LAN sues Silicon Valley

[Ars Technica] Canada-based Wi-LAN—"a leader in technology licensing"—has filed two suits against 22 total companies that it alleges have infringed on its patents relating to WiFi and power consumption in DSL products. Those companies include some strange bedfellows: PC manufacturers like Apple, Acer, Gateway, and HP; WiFi gear makers such as Atheros Communications, Belkin, Broadcom, Buffalo Technology, and D-Link; and a pair of big-box retailers—Best Buy and Circuit City—just for kicks.

Despite update, iMacs still freezing under Lepoard

[CompWorld] Updates issued Thursday by Apple Inc. did not fully solve lockup problems for some iMacs, and in some cases made the screen-freezing worse, Mac owners reported Friday. Apple acknowledged it is again looking into the issue.