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Newswatch 11.20.07: HP shines

HP grows even as US market softens

[NYT] "This is very different from what we heard from I.B.M. and Cisco, in particular," said Shaw Wu, an analyst with American Technology Research. "H.P. continues to execute in this very tough environment. The key reason is that they’re very global."

Shareholder suit against AAPL dismissed

[Bloomberg] Apple won dismissal yesterday of a lawsuit claiming that company directors and managers, including the chief executive, Steven P. Jobs, lied to shareholders about the backdating of option awards.

FCC to give millions for broadband

[WaPo] The Federal Communications Commission announced $417 million in grants yesterday to help rural health-care groups build high-speed Internet networks to connect isolated clinics to sophisticated medical resources in urban areas.

Solar is the new dot-com

[Mercury News] "It feels to me as if we're in the same phase," said McCalmont, who runs ReGrid Power, a solar installation company in Campbell. "There's a lot of excitement, a lot of innovation."

Wii is the holiday toy of choice

[AP] Perrin Kaplan, vice president of marketing and corporate affairs at Nintendo of America, said the console was "priced right from the beginning." A look at eBay shows that Kaplan may be wrong: New Wii systems are selling about $100 above the $250 store price.

Vodaphone challenges iPhone deals in Europe

[IHT] A Vodafone spokesman, Simon Gordon, said the company was not trying to block the sale of the device but rather trying to level the playing field in Germany. Vodafone operates Vodafone Germany, the No. 2 German carrier. T-Mobile is the industry leader with 34 million customers.

Public beta for Firefox 3 is out

[CompWorld] "It's a preview release, so use with caution and don't expect your add-ons to work without some magic; but between you and me, I've been running on this 'developer preview' for at least three months, and have never looked back."

Dell moves in on iMac

[PCW] Dell has moved into the all-in-one PC market pioneered by Apple with the iMac, with Monday's introduction of the XPS One, a new Intel-based Windows-compatible PC. The system starts at US$1,499.