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Newswatch 11.19.07: Amazon lights up Kindle

Amazon launches Kindle ebook reader


The Kindle, Amazon's first foray into making its own hardware, weighs 10.3 ounces, can contain up to 200 books, has a keyboard, and uses electronic ink display technology. It is on sale today at Amazon.com.

AMD readies its Spider

[News.com] The first major fruits of Advanced Micro Devices' acquisition of ATI Technologies are ready for the public just as the market for those products is going through some profound changes. Spider will be AMD's first "platform" product when it makes its expected debut Monday. It is designed for desktop PCs, and the entire Spider package comes with a new processor, AMD's quad-core Phenom chip, the new 7-series chipsets, and new graphics chips.

GOOG's 23andme offers home DNA test

[Reuters] "The mission of 23andMe is to take the genetic revolution to a new level by offering a secure, Web-based service where individuals can explore, share and better understand their own genetic information," said 23andMe co-founder Linda Avey.

AAPL fears Boot Camp will mean fewer Mac apps

[InfoWeek] Apple warned that the utility, known as Boot Camp, "may deter developers from creating software applications for Mac OS X if such applications are already available for the Windows platform."

Chip flaw could mean security breach

[NYT] Shamir wrote that if an intelligence organization discovered a math error in a widely used chip, then security software on a PC with that chip could be “trivially broken with a single chosen message.” Executing the attack would require only knowledge of the math flaw and the ability to send a “poisoned” encrypted message to a protected computer, he wrote. It would then be possible to compute the value of the secret key used by the targeted system.

S. Korea boot camp for the net-addicted

[NYT] Compulsive Internet use has become a national issue here in recent years, as users started dropping dead from exhaustion after playing online games for days on end. A growing number of students have skipped school to stay online, shockingly self-destructive behavior in this intensely competitive society.

OS X is Unix-certified

[TGDaily] The Open Group announced that both Apple’s latest operating systems have been awarded a certificate of conformance to the UNIX 03 standard.