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Newswatch 11.1.07: MySpace joins GOOG's OpenSocial

MySpace joins OpenSocial

[AP] Google trumpeted the MySpace coup Thursday in a meeting with reporters, two days after revealing its plans to create a distribution network for interactive applications known as "widgets."

IBM launches $1.5b security initiative

[InfoWeek] "The way companies do security today is broken, because what companies tend to do is hand security off to the IT department," said Stuart McIrivine, director of IBM Corporate Security Strategy.

OpenSocial means it's GOOG v Facebook

[Facebook] Google's OpenSocial initiative is an attempt to break the "silos" of current social networks in light of the fact that while it makes sense for social-networking developers to convert their apps for Facebook or MySpace, which have huge reaches, they are unable to justify creating custom apps for every small social network out there.

FTC says time for tighter controls on online ads

[NYT] “When you’re surfing the Internet, you never know who is peering over your shoulder or how many marketers are watching,” commissioner Jon Leibowitz said.

UN teams with GOOG, CSCO for view on poverty

[AP] The United Nations teamed with technology giants Google Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. to launch a new Web site Thursday that will provide data and a bird's eye view of global efforts to fight poverty and meet U.N. development goals by 2015.

Wal-Mart and GOOG beat Negroponte to $200 PC

[ComputerWorld] PC maker Everex rolls out a budget desktop PC today that costs $200 and combines the Ubuntu Linux kernel with Google applications and open source software.

UC creates first nano-radio

[Chronicle] Professor Alex Zettl led a team that developed the minuscule filament, which can be tuned to receive AM or FM transmissions. The first song it played? "Layla" by Derek & the Dominos. Eric Clapton's unmistakable guitar riff can be heard on a scratchy recording of the nanoradio's output posted by Zettl online.