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Newswatch 10.9.07: GOOG expands vid ads

GOOG expands video ads through AdSense

[CompWorld] The program allows advertisers to distribute their video-based ads across the AdSense network, not just on YouTube, Google said in a statement. YouTube content partners can earn extra revenue from their clips. And Google will also earn money from ads attached to the video clips, which will be delivered "within a customized embedded player that's ad supported," Google said.

Nobel prize for tech that led to mini-hard drives

[AP] France's Albert Fert and German Peter Gruenberg independently discovered a physical effect in 1988 that has led to sensitive tools for reading the information stored on hard disks. That sensitivity lets the electronics industry use smaller and smaller disks.

Rhapsody links up with TiVO

[Chron] Now why would you want to listen to your music on your TiVo?"We're taking advantage of the fact that you are on your television and can access this stuff," said Jim Denney, TiVo's vice president of product marketing. "You're accessing your 4 million tracks where you can sit down and listen to these things... For TiVo, this is all part of buillding a strong entertainment system in the living room."

iBricking lawsuit a long-shot

[Newsfactor] "I don't think they [will] get out of the gate on those claims given that Apple has no monopoly in the cell phone business (indeed, this is its first foray), and AT&T similarly has none when it comes to cell service," said IP lawyer Denise Howell.

RIAA wears black hat with pride

[News.com] "It's usually inadvisable to turn someone into a martyr," said Jonathan Bernstein, president of Bernstein Crisis Management, a Los Angeles-based public relations firm. "I would think they could have pursued someone that drew a little less empathy."

gPhone won't kills iPhone

[PCW] Google is putting the final touches on a mobile-phone project, but unlike Apple's iPhone the so-called GPhone is all about software for mobile carriers and mobile advertisers.