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Newswatch 10.31.07: GOOG mobile plans push stock over 700

GOOG launches OpenSocial

[News.com] In a move that was anticipated for weeks, Google has unveiled a set of application program interfaces (APIs) that allow third-party programmers to build widgets that take advantage of personal data and profile connections on a social-networking site. But instead of limiting the project to its own social-networking property, Orkut, Google has invited other sites along for the ride--including LinkedIn, Hi5, Plaxo, Ning, and Friendster.

Privacy groups seek 'do-not-track' list

[Reuters] Nine U.S. privacy and consumer organizations asked the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday to create a "do not track" list for Internet users who don't want their online activities tracked, stored and used by advertising networks.

GOOG in advanced talks with carriers

[WSJ] Deals with the carriers would represent a major breakthrough for the Internet search giant, which until now has encountered wariness from some quarters of the wireless industry about its mobile-phone plans.

Leopard kills wireless: users

[PCW] "When you connect to your wireless network, your transmit rate will be 54 (if you're using the 54g standard)," said someone identified as nunofgs. "If you start up a download or something that occupies your bandwidth (even LAN traffic), you will notice that the transmit rate drops to 11, then to 3, then to 1 until finally your downloads will drop, your iChat connections will fail and your browser will not load pages."

Is Leopard a security win?

[Newsfactor] Following the release of Apple's latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, security experts have taken a look at the new OS and are complaining not only that Leopard's firewall isn't turned on by default, but also that Leopard uses earlier versions of open-source software that have significant bugs, including security vulnerabilities.

Porn virus targets Macs

[News.com] Intego, a Mac security software company, issued an alert Wednesday warning Mac users of the OSX.RSPlug.A malware, which it describes as a Trojan horse. Those of you familiar with mythology recognize the reference, and OSX.RSPlug.A disguises itself as a video codec that would ensure whatever porn video you just stumbled upon will play on your Mac.

MSFT sues pirate sites

[Computerworld] -- Microsoft Corp. today broadened its efforts to stop people from pirating its products, launching a piracy-related Web site and announcing that it has filed 20 more lawsuits against alleged dealers of counterfeit or pirated software.

PS3s set world record

[SlipperyBrick] It’s official. Stanford University’s Folding@home project has been recognized by the Guinness World Records as the most powerful distributed computing network in the world. Utilizing the processing power of more than 670,000 PlayStation 3s Cell processors worldwide the distributed network delivers over one petaflop of power that’s being used for Stanford’s studies of protein folding and its link to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and certain forms of cancer.

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