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Newswatch 10.30.07: Crazy for Leopard

APPL picks up a quick $200 mil

[InfoWeek] Apple on Tuesday said it sold more than 2 million copies of its new Leopard operating system during the software's first weekend of availability. "Early indications are that Leopard will be a huge hit with customers," said Apple CEO Steve Jobs, in a statement.

Run Leopard on PCs, apps on iPhone

[Newfactor] The AppSnapp team says, it "fixes Apple's TIFF bug, making your device MORE secure than it was without AppSnapp!" This ironic development shows that hackers such as HD Moore -- a member of the AppSnapp team who had earlier shown that the TIFF bug could be used to gain control of the phone -- "like the device and they want it to be useful and secure but they also want it unlocked," said Andrew Storms, director of operational security Relevant Products/Services at nCircle.

IBM turns waste into light

[InfoWeek] By using reclaimed silicon, solar cell manufacturers can save between 30% and 90% of the energy they would have expended using new silicon materials, IBM said. To recycle the wafers, IBM is using a process that removes transistor patterns embedded in them. The patterns usually prevent silicon wafers from being reused along with other silicon products because they represent closely guarded intellectual property.

ODF group says Sun torpedoed format

[ComputerWorld] ODF began losing support within the OpenDocument Foundation last February, when it became clear to members of the group that Sun Microsystems Inc. -- one of the file format's biggest public backers -- was more interested in making its own StarOffice application suite interoperable with Microsoft's Office formats than it was in making ODF work with them.

Supremes consider kiddie porn laws in digital age

[USA Today] The Supreme Court Tuesday will take up a First Amendment test of Congress' ability to tackle child pornography in the digital age. Justice Department lawyers defending a 2003 law that criminalizes the advertising of purported child porn say such Internet ads fuel the market for smut and hurt children even when the advertised pictures are fake.

Imeem inks deal with EMI

[NYT] EMI would join Sony BMG and Warner Music in allowing Imeem users to upload virtually any song from their catalogs. Other users then can listen to those songs on their computers without charge. Universal Music Group, the fourth major label, is in talks with Imeem and has no philosophical objection to its approach, said a music executive briefed on Universal’s negotiations with Imeem.

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