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Newswatch 10.23.07: Sixth of all iPhones used for unlocking

250,000 iPhones unlocked or bricked

[Mercury News] About 250,000 of the nearly 1.4 million iPhones that Apple has sold thus far have gone to customers that don't have any intention of signing up for AT&T's service, Apple chief operating officer Tim Cook said Monday on a conference call with analysts and investors. That's a problem not only for AT&T, which doesn't get any monthly service fees from those customers, but for Apple, with which AT&T shares a portion of iPhone service revenue.

MSFT won't compete for spectrum

[CompWorld] "Microsoft has no plans to participate in the spectrum auction," Ballmer told a crowd at the CTIA Wireless IT and Entertainment 2007 show in SF.

MSFT announces low-cost XBox Arcade

[PCW] The Xbox 360 Arcade console combines a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connector and 256MB of on-board memory for storing games and entertainment content. It also includes five games previously available only to Xbox 360 users who signed up for Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade online service.

Casual gaming focus of MySpace Games

[Newsfactor] The social-networking giant announced a deal with New York-based Oberon Media on Tuesday to create a new, free gaming destination. MySpace Games, which will launch in early 2008, will let members choose from hundreds of award-winning casual games.

Cisco to buy WiMax startup Navini for $330m

[AP] Larry Lang, vice president and general manager of Cisco's Mobile Wireless Group, said Navini's products will complement the Wi-Fi wireless technology already embedded in Cisco's products. "In the U.S., there are a number of choices, and it's nice to have WiMax as another choice," he said. "But there are some places in the emerging markets where it would have been WiMax or nothing."

UK cops shut down piracy site Oink

[Guardian] The closure has been welcomed by the music industry, which said that leaked copies of pre-release records meant that Oink users were able to access hundreds of albums before they reached the shops. The invitation-only website, which had an estimated 180,000 users, was well known among internet filesharers as one of the most popular and exclusive sources of free downloads.

NBC pulls content from YouTube

[FT] An NBC spokesperson confirmed the move, and said it was intended to provide a boost to Hulu, which is a joint venture with News Corp's Fox division, and did not represent a new, tougher line that the company was taking against Google.

StumbleUpon toolbar now works with search engines

[BizWeek] Once downloaded, the toolbar simply adds information to the regular search results. And by now, StumbleUpon has amassed a sizable store of information to respond with, thanks to an existing base of 3.7 million users who have rated more than 13 million Web pages.

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