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Newswatch 10.16.07: YouTube unveils copy protection

Leopard goes on sale Oct. 26

[AP] One of the new features is "Boot Camp," which lets users install Microsoft Corp.'s Windows on Intel-based Macs, though both operating systems can't run at the same time. The feature, in a test version released last year, already has helped attract new customers to the Macintosh platform.

Greenpeace says iPhone a toxic hazard

[MacWorld] Like all Apple products worldwide, iPhone complies with RoHS [Restriction of Hazardous Substances], the world's toughest restrictions on toxic substances in electronics," an Apple spokesperson, told Macworld.

Napster's new service: Web-based

[AP] Napster Inc. on Tuesday launched a new Web-based version of its music service that lets customers listen to their music on any computer without downloading software.

Five years in jail for spamming

[Newsfactor] While the spam conviction is a "proud and successful case for the Justice Department," it serves to illustrate the limits of criminal prosecution on the spam problem, said Andrew Storms, director of security operations at nCircle. "It is well known that the majority of spam today is sent by zombie computer networks throughout the world," he said.

APPL to drop DRM-free prices to 99 cents?

[TechSpot] While we have no information on whether the iTunes Plus songs are selling well, we assume that the decision to drop the price is a response to the Amazon MP3 store. Amazon sells individual tracks for between 89¢ and 99¢ apiece, all without any DRM restrictions. With that in mind, it's kind of hard for Apple to compete at $1.29.

GOOG launches watermarking for YouTube content

[NYT] “We are delighted that Google appears to be stepping up to its responsibility and ending the practice of profiting from infringement,” said Michael Fricklas, general counsel of Viacom, which filed a $1 billion copyright infringement suit against YouTube and Google in March. “We’ll be watching to ensure that the system is reasonably effective and sufficiently robust to address the issue.”

Ubuntu: Linux with eye candy

[NYT] Wednesday, a new version of Ubuntu—code named Gutsy Gibbon—will be introduced sporting the sort of three dimensional effects that are the trademark of Windows Vista and Macintosh Leopard.