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Newswatch 10.1.07: Skype CEO booted out of eBay

Palm posts $840,000 loss

[InfoWorld] The loss compares to a net income of $16.5 million for the same period last year. The results for the first quarter ending Aug. 31 continue a rough patch for Palm, which is posting gains in smartphone sales that don't seem to make up for the downturn in demand for PDAs, Palm's traditional mainstay.

How to turn iBrick back into phone

[InfoWorld] Owners of hacked iPhones have begun posting instructions on how to roll back a recent Apple firmware upgrade that rendered their mobile phones unusable. The instructions were available Monday on the iPhone Dev Wiki, a Web site devoted to iPhone software hacks and tools.

eBay removes Skype CEO

[CompWorld] Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom has given up his CEO title for a spot on the eBay unit's board, and eBay announced it was taking $1.4 billion in charges related to Skype in its third quarter earnings

Fear iPhone updates

[CompWorld] "With the iPhone update, Apple is now producing a fear of taking their patches," nCircle's Andrew Storms said. "If they release a functionality update and security fixes at the same time in the future, some users will think twice about applying it. They'll ask themselves, 'What will it break this time?' and, 'Will it backfire on me?'

Spy satellites stalled over privacy concerns

[News.com] Under fire from politicians citing privacy worries, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is delaying plans--previously slated to kick in Monday--to begin making detailed spy-satellite images available to a wider range of government agencies.

A common Ajax platform for all ...

[InfoWorld] Anticipating one Web emerging for both mobile and desktop access, dignitaries at a mobile AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) workshop last Friday also saw a common AJAX platform emerging across both mediums.

"That's the trend. That's what appears is happening," said Jon Ferraiolo, manager of operations for OpenAjax Alliance and a Web architect at IBM.

Embed docs on the Web with Adobe Share

[Wired] Adobe's new web service, called Share, lets users upload and share office documents through the browser. You can also generate a Flash preview for any shared document and embed it in a web page -- just like a YouTube video.

Live Workspace: All space, no work

[Wired] The service may seem like an odd entry into the online office apps game, seeing how it is clearly meant to compliment, not replace, Microsoft Office. In other words, don’t come to Office Live Workspace looking for an online version of Word. The new service is essentially an online storage mechanism with the ability to share documents, not a true online office suite.