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New York Times features links to Silicon Valley bloggers

By Tom Foremski for SiliconValleyWatcher

Saturday evening at the Robert Scoble welcoming dinner my good buddy Om Malik of GigaOm and Business 2.0, mentioned that Silicon Valley Watcher had been featured that day in a New York Times column.

It was in the lead story in the "What's Online" section of the New York Times, called "No News Is Good Blogging." I was pleased with the excellent placement of Silicon Valley Watcher in the article, right next to Silicon Valley uber blogger John Battelle and his Searchblog.

The Dan Mitchell article was about last week's head scratching that greeted Sun Microsystems and Google's seemingly vaccuous announcement of a technology alliance. Most commentators said it was probably to do with Java and distributing Google's search box.

But Tom Foremski, keeper of the SiliconValleyWatcher blog, says he thinks it's all about hardware. The chief executives, Eric Schmidt of Google and Scott McNealy of Sun, "were very likely talking about computer architectures," he writes, noting Sun's expertise in large-scale systems - the kind Google uses. The companies did say Google would buy more Sun gear under the new arrangement, though they declined to say how much or what kind.

Mary Jo Foley of Microsoft Watch is also quoted in the article.

Here is my original post (check out Chris's illustration!):

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Len Apcar editor-in-chief of NYTimes.com was at the recent Impact '05 conference, where I was speaking on a panel with Joe Trippi.

Mr Apcar spoke about changes and one of those would be that it would start to include links to trusted third party web sites, which was warmly received by the audience and seen as a further sign of NYT's greater understanding of online matters.

The other changes included asking readers to pay for access to its top columnists. This is not a popular move according to Editors Weblog:

New York Times' paid online experiment criticized