09:17 AM

New Pearltrees Offers Faster Browsing Than The Internet

Pearltrees (an SVW consulting client) released a new version Monday that pre-fetches web site content. It effectively allows users to browse Pearltrees content faster than if they were using bookmarks.

The latest version of Pearltrees also has improvements to the directory structure, making it easier for power users to curate their collection.

Pearltrees is an intriguing media technology that enables social curation of the Internet. You can check out my entire collection below and also you can grab parts of it for your own account.

Pearltrees also has uses in applications such as creating media kits. The dynamic properties of Pearltrees means that if there is a mistake or a change made in a media kit, it is propagated automatically, in real-time across everyone that has a copy of that media kit in their Pearltree account.