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New Head Of TechNet Looks For Common Ground

Late last year, Rey Ramsey was appointed head of TechNet, the lobbying group established by John Doerr, which has support from a large number of US tech companies.

I had a chance to speak with Mr Ramsey earlier this week. He is in town to meet with some of his council members, such as Eric Schmidt from Google, and Paul Otellini, head of Intel.

Here are some notes from our conversation.

- Innovation is important to our economy but we need to get the involvement of many different groups and communities.

- I'd like to bring Silicon Valley to Alabama, to Arkansas, to many communities to show the benefits. (I pointed out that Silicon Valley cannot bring benefits to Silicon Valley.) [Silicon Valley Schools Should Be Showcases Not Basket Cases]

- We have to be inclusive. So that we can show the government that innovation is good for the country and show them what this means.

- We will be funding key research that shows the effect of innovation on communities.

- We need partnerships and allies if we are going to win.

- Education, immigration, and broadband are key issues.

- All sectors of industry are affected by technology and innovation.

- I've worked with lots of different groups and communities, I will be looking for common ground, how we can all work together. How we can all win.

Here is an interview with Mr Ramsey by Kara Swicher from AllThingsD:

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