07:19 AM

New: Ajax13 rounds out online suite with new Powerpoint app

ajax13.gifHisham El-Emam tells me that his team at Ajax13 has just added ajaxPresents, a Powerpoint-like online application. The company's suite also includes ajaxWrite, ajaxSketch, ajaxXLS, and ajaxTunes.

You need Firefox but Internet Explorer support will be added in the new year. Hish is from Germany where much of the work on the technology behind Ajax13 was done as part of a state funded educational project a few years back.


Founded in early 2006, Ajax 13 Inc. is a software development company that introduces web-based applications written using the AJAX based methodology. Ajax 13 Inc. was founded by Hisham El-Emam, it's CTO, and Georg Wüstefeld to pursue the software-as-a-service vision that is gaining more and more momentum in both the enterprise and the small business / home office marketplaces. Ajax 13 Inc. is headquartered in San Diego, CA.