21:33 PM

Network Appliance and its strategy for world domination

Wednesday evening I was having dinner with Network Appliance CEO Dan Warmenhoven and co-founder Dave Hitz. It's refreshing to see a company that isn't afraid to expose its top executives to the media.

It was a small gathering, just four business journalists: Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Reuters and SVW. Such small gatherings are excellent, because you get access to top executives, and you get to hear stories that other journalists don't hear. And as a journalist, you need information that few others have; it's the distinction between publications.

Most recently, I had spoken with Dave Hitz, who called me from Washington D.C. He was out on the East coast meeting customers, and also legislators discussing data protection bills.

Dave is also a keen blogger, and he just recently jumped to a PageRank of 6, which is pretty good. Here is some link-love to Dave's blog.

And here is my latest post on ZDNet, about Network Appliance and its crafty positioning in what could be the control point in data centers.