10:06 AM

NetSuite and iCharts: Enterprise Apps As Data Integration Platforms


iCharts founder and CEO Seymour Duncker

The future calls for enterprise apps becoming aggregators of trusted IT micro-services from many sources   — does that mean they can become effective data integration platforms? A low-cost path to Big Data’s promises of profitable business insights?


Today's announcement by iCharts that its visual intelligence software is now available inside Netsuite Enterprise is an example of how an application can integrate data from many sources both internal and external inside the application. Where better to have insights into the business than inside accounting software?

From the news release:

Powered by the Google Cloud Platform, the new iCharts offering will empower NetSuite customers that rely on external business systems and data sources to visualize their entire business within NetSuite, thereby giving them a true 360-degree view of their business.

In particular, NetSuite customers can visually blend data from sources such as:

-Other business systems (e.g., CRM, Marketing, web analytics)

- 3rd-party market data such as Nielsen and Dun & Bradstreet

- Historical or legacy data if you they are migrating from a legacy ERP system to NetSuite

Winning in Big Data will be all about: which screen are you on? Netsuite users live inside Netsuite screens and that’s true for other key users and their apps. Reaching users inside the applications where they work all day also means they have the information they need at precisely the place where they can do something about it. 

Here’s an iChart user:

“Our live production data resides outside of NetSuite, yet it is important for us to see this data alongside the other key indicators we manage inside of NetSuite,” said Brian Krosschell, Finance Director, fairlife, makers of value-added dairy products.

“iCharts has given us the platform to bring this data to life, allowing us to seamlessly integrate external data live for our users directly inside our NetSuite dashboard.”

 More info here: http://icharts.net