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My6Sense iPhone App - Insightful Search


My6Sense came out of stealth mode today and it's an interesting company. Headquartered in Israel, it has spent the past 18 months developing sophisticated AI technologies with the goal of helping people sort out the best information from all of their information.

"Information overload is not a problem, it's a challenge," says Barak Hachamov, founder and chairman of My6sense. "We can surface for you your most important information without you having to do anything."

The company has developed an iPhone app that sifts through all the news feeds that people read through every day. Based upon the users' behavior, My6sense quickly figures out which items to put at the top of the list.

One early user of the service, Richard Zaragoza, commented that the results were so specific to him, it was "as if handpicked by a mighty army of mind reading Oompa Loompas bent on making me the most informed man on earth."

"Who wouldn't want to be the most informed person around?" says Mr Hachamov.

The underlying technology could be used for many different types of applications but for now, Mr Hachamov is strongly focused on the mobile space. "We haven't yet begun to do all the things we can do with mobile applications. We are only at the start."

The company is not releasing a desktop version of My6sense, at least not yet, which is a shame because I spend way more time at my desk than I do with my iPhone and I could do with a way of sorting through all my feeds. Mr Hachamov rightly points out that sorting through feeds is much more difficult for mobile phone users and so that's where the company can create the most value.

Revenues are expected from premium versions based around prepackaged feeds for vertical markets, and from embedded lead-gen services.

The My6sense iPhone app should receive approval by Apple any day soon, and versions for other platforms are on their way.

Here is a demo: