21:10 PM

My first podcast. . .

I took part in my first podcast last Friday afternoon, an enjoyable chat with Sam Whitmore, from "Sam Whitmore's Media Survey." We chatted about the upcoming IDG conference Vortex, featuring Geoffrey Moore and John Gallant of Network World, and also the BlogHer conference.

We're going to do these on a regular basis, say once every few weeks, so let me and Sam know what you think. (BTW, no filthy lucre has been exchanged—at least none heading my way :-)

Sam interviewed me for the first time early this year, for one of his live weekly teleconferences. And I met Sam recently at a Horn Group panel we were on, and we hit it off. Sam has a radio background so he knows how to put together an entertaining podcast.

(Om Malik of GigaOm, the universal sound of broadband, and I were chatting about doing a Tom 'n Om podcast (T+Om) on the week's news events, maybe. What do you think?)

Here are Sam Whitmore's podcast details:

The SWMS Tech Media This Week podcast is now posted (10 minutes, 22 seconds).

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