02:19 AM

MSFT shutters Soapbox for copyright upgrade

Microsoft has shut down the MSN Soapbox video site for 30 to 60 days while it implements Audible Magic's technology for detecting copyright-violating video, PaidContent says (in a typo-laden post).

The move isn’t directly prompted by the announcement today that MSN will be a launch distribution partner of NBCU-News Corp.’s new video network but that was one factor. But copyright — and showing allegiance to it - has been on Microsoft’s agenda for some time.

Spokesman Adam Sohn said: "“We’ve been thinking of filtering for a long time. It’s the right time to pull the trigger. It’s the right thing to do for the long term.”

The whole business doesn't give a lot of confidence in Redmond's ability to combat YouTube, says Mashable:

I understand why they’re doing it: no point having all the legal liability of YouTube with none of the traffic. And one major court case would be ruinous to the project. But the series of events doesn’t reflect well on Microsoft either: declare you’re launching a new video platform, launch it after many months of testing, get no traction because it’s useless, re-enter closed beta so that you can open up again with even less content and users than before. Microsoft can only hope it becomes the Steven Bradbury of online video: become the last man standing as all the others are sued into oblivion. Somehow, I don’t think that’s gonna happen.