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More Love Not Hate ... Launch a SPAM Grenade!

Will it get past your spam filters?

From HATEGrenade team:

Has anybody ever pissed you off so bad that you wanted to add them to a SPAM list?

If so, a new startup site, Hategrenade.com can help! By using the form on their website, you can anonymously add the people you most HATE to the world's first community driven SPAM list ...


What it is ...

It is the world's first community driven SPAM list, a.k.a. The Ultimate Online Payback!

How it works ...

It's quite simple and 100% FREE … this website is regularly crawled by spam bots. The person's email address that you add to HATEgrenade.com will get completely blown up with SPAM very soon ... this is what we call, Dropping a HATEgrenade Beeeatch ...

The rules ...

There are no rules ... except that you should be aware that you, not us, YOU are soley responsible for the comments you make on this website.

Why we created this ...

Because we are dorky web-developers that do not know how to fist fight. Because we might be able to make some money from it one day? Oh yeah, and because it feels oh so good to SPAM our enemies ... muahahaha!


HATEgrenade Team



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